Types Of Annoying “Friends”

1. The Whiner Friend

This friend whines constantly.

All day, everyday.



2. The Downer Friend

This is the type of asshole who sucks the living joy out of you AND everything/everyone around you.

3. The Overly-Jealous Friend

Also known as the insecure friend/the friend who probably wants you to fail.

4. The Mooch Friend

Let me start this off by saying that unlike most of the other “friends” on this list, this friend truly and honestly has no shame.

5. The Clingy Friend

The clingy friend will always, always initially come off as a-okay and everything. But give it a few weeks. In fact, give it a few days and you’ll begin to understand how f*cking annoying this friend can get.

Some other Types of annoying “friends”

-The Health-Freak Friend

-The Overly-Dramatic Friend

-The Overly-Religious Friend

-The Overly-Political Friend

-The Friend-Who-Tries-To-Be-Political-But-Doesn’t-Know-What-The-F*ck-They’re-Talking-About Friend

– The Overly-XTREME Friend

-The Two-Faced Friend 


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