20 Facts About Me Tag

1. What do people around you say your personality is like? Upfront, loud, outgoing, weird

2. Which of your parents do you look more like? my dad

3. If you had to choose between cookies and cake, what would it be? cake, for sure

4. Horseback riding: how do you feel about it? I have never actually rode on a horse before so I can’t say.

5. What was the last song you listened to? I do not even know

6. What’s the last game you played? SongPop2

7. What’s the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to you? I do not know yet

8. Favorite superhero? Don’t have one

9. Favorite YouTuberWay too many to choose from

10. Favorite animal? Dog/puppy

11. Favorite television show/anime (if you watch any)? Full House

12. What’s one out-of-the-ordinary thing that you like to do? Talk to dogs (yes I am weird, do not judge me)

13. What would you say you draw/doodle the most? Hearts

14. What’s your favorite quote/a quote you’ve heard lately that you like? “Life is too short to live with doubt and regret”

15. What are your top three worst fears? Heights, Spiders, Growing Up

16. If you’d just seen on TV that the apocalypse was legitimately happening, what are the first five things you would do? Freak out, get prepared, make sure phone is charged, probably stress eat, and then freak out some more

17. Who’s someone you look up to/a role model of yours? My grandparents and my Mom

18. How do you feel about homework? (Fun question, am I right?) depends on the homework assignment

19. If someone you knew pretty well suddenly started venting to you (not at you), how would you react? Give them my true honest advice and opinion on what I think

20. How emo are you on a scale of 1-10? 1

21. How much do you hate Billy? (SCREW YOU BILLY!) I REALLY HATE BILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

22. If you had a YouTube channel, what would you name it and why? I already have one and it is called Lydia Perri. I am writing on it right now with this blog post.

23. What other languages besides English do you know? (Fluent in, taking language classes for, only a few words/phrases, etc.) Some Spanish, but not much

24. What songs do you know how to play on instruments, and which instruments? No songs on instruments.

25. Ever made your own song, written your own story, made your own characters, etc.? Yes, but I never actually got past the first word ( and the first word was the title)

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